frank turner

frank turner drew us a happy sailor.a happy sailor by frank turner. awoo!

a wednesday afternoon in february, we kidnapped frank turner and asked him about childhood ambitions, lost lines, cobweb songs, neil young and monsters.

frank turner from winchester, england, has been around for a while. when his hardcore band million dead split up, he took up folk and has spent the last decade on the road playing flats, pubs and, more recently, wembley and the opening ceremony of the olympic games. all the while maintaining the sense of camaraderie he sings about – he uses his space to support other musicians & recruits his music video extras via twitter (then this happens).

so, yes, and there he was at a table at debaser in stockholm, with a ramones jumper, some throat sweets in his pocket and a copy of war and peace next to him.

and then frank turner drew us a happy sailor. bless him!

* the gig later that night: brilliant. ducking punches haunted the cure‘s “friday i’m in love”, beautifully so,  and sang a magnificent song that took six years to writeandrew jackson jihad were beaming through the most morbid lines with dancing bird hands and a letter-perfect choir in the audience. frank turner & the sleeping souls were ♥ right from the first song “photosynthesis” to the encore, abba’s “dancing queen”. poetry, sweat and the truth about gene simmons (also told here). curious? frank turner is still on tour. awoo!


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