justin rutledge: valleyheart

valleyheartthis album is about a year old and i discovered it thanks to justin rutledge’s fellow canadian singer/songwriter lindi ortega who recently played stockholm.

like ortega, rutledge also comes from toronto, but unlike her he is still living there. valleyheart is his fifth album and listening to songs from all his works throughout the years, i would dare to say that justin rutledge should be a musician with listeners and fans all over the planet instead of being an artist whose records you only can buy as import from canada.

justin rutledge combines simple and wonderful melodies with a strong poetic quality in his lyrics – no wonder, the man has majored in modern poetry while studying english literature at the university of toronto.

justin rutledge

Justin Rutledge (press photo)

35 years old now, rutledge has said that he has returned to his earlier work with valleyheart. my favourite song heather in the pines has been written almost ten years ago, but did not make it onto an album until now.

looking at spotify statistics, i can see that justin’s most popular song capuscating coffee (another wonderful tune from valleyheart) has only but 12,000 listens although he would deserve many, many, many more.


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