concert: ólöf arnalds

olöf2iceland is an amazing country. 320,000 people live on the volcano island in the middle of the atlantic ocean and it is incredible how many writers and musicians have reached out to the world with their books, poetry and music. from the ugarcubes to sigur rós.

even singer/songwriters have captured our interest. ásgeir trausti’s stunning debut dýrð í dauðaþögnd was made in icelandic and despite that made its way into our playlists. trausti will release in english version this year for a wider public.

another artist that has been extraordinary well received and who has built up a fanbase in many countries in europe and even outside is 34 year old ólöf arnalds. she played stockholm yesterday, performed in the acoustic bar of the hotel scandic grand central in the middle of stockholm.

awoo stockholm had the opportunity to meet ólöf before the concert for an exclusive video interview that we will give to you as soon as its ready. be patient and come back to this site.




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