ólöf arnalds

ólöf arnalds drew a hotel room.

“bright red, almost orange” – that’s how ólöf arnalds sees the song “numbers and names” off her latest album sudden elevation. the icelandic musician associates music with colours, writes in both icelandic and english to critical acclaim and, according to björk, has a voice “somewhere between a child and an old woman”.

before her gig at grand central, she told us about seeing colours, (not) growing up, good friends and the icelandic music culture. she also drew us an excellent portrait of the room grand central kindly lent us for the interview, complete with rainer on camera and a couple of chairs that look like they’re mid-conversation.

ólöf arnalds’s new album is coming out later this year. as she would say: “check out the old stuff but just you wait for the new stuff!” and, while waiting, perhaps go to a gig at mengi or listen to the matador ep which is free to download here. awoo!


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