ben watt: hendra


the german edition of the rolling stone has proclaimed ben watts first solo album in about thirty years (!) as their album of the month in april 2014. and i have been listening to some of its tracks a few times and i don’t get tired of this easy going, smart written pop music that fits to watts home region, cornwall/england.

ben watt? you remember everything but the girl, british pop band and their success missing? everything but the girl was ben watt and girlfriend tracey thorne. after the project just finished some twenty years ago, watt has produced a lot of dubstep music, opened a nightclub in london and lived the good life.

and now he’s back. all of a sudden. and delivers a beautiful set of well-crafted melodies and songs. take matthew arnold’s field for example, a piece about a site named after the british poet, a wonderful, silent description of nature, like a painting that talks to us and watts telling the story of scattering his father’s ashes in matthew arnold’s field.

the gun takes us to another place where people have ‘cold eyed cameras watch every door therre’s no public access to the beach or the shore, private patrol cars, but that’s a joke, it’s just two guys napping and sipping on diet coke’.   bernard butler’s guitar reminds us of mark knopfler and the album has another very special guest, david gilmour plays the guitar on ‘the levels’, another little masterpiece that mr watts has given to us.

a low key album that captures you and makes you listen and listen again.



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