concert: moto boy

moto boyin 2008, oskar humlebo made his first waves as moto boy with his self-titled debut album full of, as he says, “picture-less movies”. two weeks ago, moto boy’s third album keep your darkness secret came out and, a few hours ago, he finally played a headline gig in stockholm again. standing in the middle between alexander broberg on guitar and petra fors on keys. lights beating behind him. his sister somewhere in the dark of södra teatern in front of him, telling him off whenever he uses swear words. which makes him try to speak as stilted as possible. which makes people laugh. and songs. songs with pulsing chords and luminous vocals lovingly alternating between baritone and high-pitched falsetto and, oh, the radiance of “beat heart”. also: a delicate cover of anna-lena löfgren’s “regniga natt“, humble gratitude, some cheekiness and, in the pocket of the red jacket he wears for the encores, red lipstick he puts on for the last few songs. standing ovations. a song for the way home.
we’re lucky moto boy makes noise again. awoo!


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