small feet: from far enough away everything sounds like the ocean

small feet are wrestling ghosts and whistling worries till they shoot like meteors across the sky. here’s a cheer for every defiant line and every camomile note. this debut album has been a long time coming and now that it’s here it is as
excellent as its title promised it would be.

yes, we have heard this ocean coming from far away. some of this post-windmill spider pop we discussed beside golden walls, some of these songs we heard in a cloudy gallery, some of them we caught there and brought here. and some of these songs are new friends we’re only just making.

 almost casually, small feet lead us down crevasses of disappointment, with hope bent out of shape but glowing. here, someone kills unicorns for fun, plans need water to grow, the television set trades in lives, an army of heathens may well save you and in the trenches before the palm trees lies a diary of sadness.

 and, somehow, simon stålhamre, jacob snavely and christopher cantillo make this feel like inhaling extra air, it’s heart-growing music, with a curious buoyancy from weird fruit, reverb harmonies and oh ohs. quietly magnificent. like ane brun’s vocals on “bend towards the light” and raffaele malanga’s photographs of horses and the odd human disappearing in snowscapes and of aurora trees. an all-around brilliant piece of art, made by lovely human beings.

one of whom eats apples while shooting music videos ♥


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