music in outer space

concert: akiine


disco for your freckles and yoga for your mind. that’s one way to describe AKIINE‘s music. another is dreams, as they say on their facebook page. perhaps dreams in outer space.

indeed, akiine and valerio’s performance at scandic grand central on 4th april 2014 was beautiful, heart-opening and surreal.
with brandnew songs and a brilliant new version of “paranormal activity”.  with “frid” which the guardian fell in love with 15 seconds in and which my mum phoned to say she liked a lot. she who otherwise doesn’t really listen to music much at all.

and the london-based duo isn’t just a treat for your ears – watching akiine dance is magical. when she jumps, gravity seems to make an exception for her. she doesn’t land on the ground heavily, she sort of bounces off it as if she was in her own space bubble. which we were all invited to dance into. and as she sang the chorus of “sunglassey” with the lines “i float with kindness and i float with love”, i couldn’t have agreed more. it was akiine and valerio’s longest gig so far but, of course, still way too short. go see them, if you can.
interview coming up. awoo!