concert: anders wendin

009 APR__175

walking through my home town listening to blood panic on a cassette tape, dancing the past away to “they’re building walls around us” in a festival tent and hearing “6 a.m.” and eldkvarn’s “fulla för kärlekens skull” at an acoustic show at södra teatern. all of these moments are years ago now. and they keep making friends. like last year, when moneybrother played “jag har gått och undrat över trädet” for the very first time in stockholm’s late summer light. and like yesterday, when he played katalin in uppsala with gustav on saxophone, magnus on violin and mandola, mikaela on piano, kisa on bass, norpan on drums and lovely viktor on trombone, harmonica and elegant dance moves.

some reviewers say that with his latest album dom ska få se vem dom roat sig med, the first album which anders wendin wrote his own songs in swedish for and which he released under his own name rather than as moneybrother or pengarbrorsan, anders wendin has found a style he can grow and grow old with. and, after yesterday, i see what they mean. everyone in the band was clearly enjoying themselves tremendously and anders wendin seemed even happier singing now than the last few times i saw him, if that’s possible, and was kind, charming and appreciative. telling stories at ease and with perfect timing.

for example about when he lived in uppsala and was lonely and sleep-deprived and about the night he (didn’t) take a sauna with the mandola player. but also about how he once saw a gig in america and already during the first chord wished they would play it forever and not even start playing the first song because it would be one song closer to the end and about his son who has only missed one show so far and whom he dedicated “större än så här” to.

009 APR__174

a magnificent and heartening night with beaming faces, glowing melodies, slapstick moments, all the songs off the latest album and some off pengarbrorsan – for example the bonus track, what a pleasant surprise! especially ♥: “jag har gått och undrat över trädet”, “du måste kunna gå nu”, “1952” and “midnatt till sju”, during which gustav, mikaela, kisa och viktor sang a stanza each. so, yes, it’s always worth taking a train (to see anders wendin). awoo!