stockholm clouds | the wave pictures


before their daylight music gig at the union chapel, we traded david tattersall, franic rozycki and jonny “huddersfield” helm of the wave pictures three bananas (with their names on, as in their song “canary wharf“) for an interview and three songs for stockholm clouds. together with their friend david beauchamp, they played “remains” & “a letter from hull (dom’s song)” off their upcoming vinyl-only album a season in hull (out tomorrow!) and “friend of the devil” by grateful dead.


“a letter from hull (dom’s song)”

“friend of the devil”

stockholm clouds | friska viljor


friska viljor excavate sad moments, life-changing decisions and the extraordinary everyday with a mandolin, a melodica, exuberance and a friendship based on a childhood mud fight.

one sunny saturday in june, we ambushed daniel johansson and joakim sveningsson with caramel candy in hornstull. they refused the candy but agreed to sing their song “dreams” about unanswered questions and childhood friends. the sea was as intrigued as we were and came a bit closer to listen properly, resulting in a few wet feet and mid-song smiles ♥

“dreams” is on their latest album my name is friska viljor which is out today, awoo!

stockholm clouds | ryan o’reilly

ryan o’reilly‘s music is a confessional poet’s parade of nightmares and daydreams. it sounds like shipside conversations between huckleberry finn and odysseus. or, as someone said at his show at teater pero last year: “his songs are great but he must have a terrible love life.”

with the promise of a tea-and-toast breakfast, we got ryan to play us his song “the first time” in our favourite stockholm living room. to his left, tyler kyte, and, to his right, on our four-string guitar, david granshaw. they got it right, oh yes*

* even when they played it wrong. cheeky eavesdropping on the silly version here:

stockholm clouds | molly brunner

teresia (2)-----------
molly brunner writes bold and candid songs about loud dreams, sexuality and wilderness. when she lived in berlin, her neighbours from the flat above used to lie with their ears to the floor to listen to her seasalt voice and firefly guitar.

we met her in södermalm, where she took us up on the roof of a school and into a room full of books. to talk about music and play “changing the order” ♥